Welcome to HEAL

 The Staff House is what visitors usually see first when they enter the premises. Its native architecture exudes an aura of simplicity and community with nature.

The Haven for Ecological and Alternative Living (HEAL) in Villasis, Pangasinan is a direct response to the challenge posed by the ecological crisis of our time.

It is a place where humans become aware of the devastation we are unleashing on the planet in our time and awaken in us the vocation as protectors of Mother Earth.

The yearning of creation for wholeness and healing finds expression in the growing movement of people who care for the Earth’s human and ecological community by promoting life-giving and just relationships. As recommended in the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines’ pastoral letter, “What is happening to our beautiful land?”.

As we look at what is happening before our eyes, and think of the horrendous consequences for the land and the people we would do well to remember that God, who created this beautifull land, will hold us responsible for plundering it and leaving it desolate. So will future generations of Filipinos. Instead of gifting them with a fruitful land, all we will leave them behind is a barren desert. We, the Bishops, call on all Filipinos to recognize the urgency of this task and to respond to it now

HEAL is a centre for ecological living and learning. It was established by the Medical Mission Sisters in 2006 as a place of hope in response to the needs of healing the entire community of life.

The Healing Charism of the Medical Mission Sisters calls for being a healing presence to the whole web of life, to witness to the integrity of all creation and to act where this integrity is threatened.

As a Society called to healing at the heart of a wounded community of life, we affirm the connections between health, the sustainability of Earth itself and the health of human communities. We believe that we are drawn toward the fullness of life that God desires for all creation. We are rooted in a spirituality which reverences Earth and the whole creation as God’s self-revelation.

Thirteenth General Chapter Report, 2009

In the few years of its existence, HEAL has become a place of hope and new perspective for the many searching for meaning and depth in their life and for an adequate response to the challenges of our time.

It is not too late. We can count on the incredible healing powers of God’s world. We can steer the Earth to a future for our children.

Pope John Paul II, 2001

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