Since the beginning of its existence HEAL wants to make “the cause”  the Earth known. We invite people who are also concerned about what is happening to our Earth  to work with us for a more healthy planet for the next generations of humans and of the other members of the Web of Life.

It is clear that we still need funds and other means of support to realize our dream in HEAL. We are building up a solid sustainable foundation for our work and Mission.

Making the cause known is an instrument to expand awareness of our (Earth) healing charism and mission…. Fundraising is friend-raising for us

 —Keeping the fire burning, MMS  document 2010

All we are  and all we have we use in the context of an interconnected, interdependent universe of which God is the source. In all our interactions, we are responsible for the care and the  good use of everything entrusted to us

–MMS Constitution # 90

So we count also on you, our friends and co-sojourners for being able to continue the Mission in HEAL. From the beginning HEAL has grown through the generosity of donors from the Philippines and other countries. We call on you – our friends, benefactors and mission partners to join us and contribute to this GREAT WORK. Your donation – big or small or kind- will go far in completing this work that we have started.

The Medical Mission Sisters will gratefully acknowledge all contributions. For your donation, please address crossed cheques to:

METROBANK ACCT # 5233552309866-9
Carmen, Rosales 2441, Pangasinan, Philippines

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