Our Vision, Mission & Goals


A world where humans live in harmony with the rest of creation through living with one another in a just and healing way


To contribute towards the realization of this vision whereby humans learn to move from a stance of destroyer of the Earth community to a stance that is mutually enhancing


      • To establish and run an ecological center that will propagate the New Story of Creation as a means of awakening the human to the current eco-crisis and give a direction for action.
      • To introduce alternative healing modalities that is affordable,accessible and available to the community around HEAL and beyond.
      • To conduct seminars and retreats to deepen our consciousness of Earth as a presence of God and make healing of the Earth a way of life.
      • It is to see the sacred in all things and all things in God.
      • For Medical Mission Sisters (MMS) community to live a simple and alternative eco-friendly lifestyle and creation-centered spirituality.

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