Programs Offered


(  )      A Day with the EARTH

(  )      Ecology topics related to religious life or for NGOs. Also topics on         Laudatu Si, Sustainable Agriculture, vermiculture etc.  Programs can be tailored according to your needs and purpose.

  • All programs are focused on creation and our role as stewards and healers of God’s creation.

(  )      Retreats: Individual and Groups

(  )      Venue Use

  • Participants: Minimum – 10 and maximum – 40.


For information and bookings you may contact the following numbers:     

HEAL Community Globe CP           09178769062

Sister Anne Bellosillo, MMS            09999976647 (smart)

Sister Peng Mandreza, MMS            09451462116 (globe)

Sister Eu Briones, MMS                   09266376766 (globe)

Sister Toni                                       09285543243 (smart)