HEAL is a sustainable human settlement. We practice a way of living that “touch the earth lightly”. By this practice and the application of Permaculture, we strive to be a healing presence and witness to the integrity of all creation. HEAL was founded to be a place were all people, all cultures, and all creation are affirmed and celebrated.


The Great Work now as we move into a new millennium is to carry out the transition from  a period of human devastation of the planet to a period where humans would be present to the planet in a mutually-enhancing manner.

–Thomas Berry


Various programs have been developed and can be offered upon request.

    • SACRED WALK – Get acquainted with HEAL’s community of life and experience their interrelationships through a guided walk. (3 hours)

      Visitors were toured around HEAL by Sr. Anne 

    • A DAY WITH THE EARTH – Experience the Sacred Walk, reflections on the ecological crisis, the New Story of Creation, and a chance to touch the earth (9:00am to 4:00pm)

      Students on “A Day With the Earth” Program

    • EARTH CAMP – Enrich your day with the earth by living with our community of life. Connect with the earth through earth care activities and learning about Permaculture.  (Overnight: 1-2 days)
    • ECOLOGICAL SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT– Reflect on current waste management problems and practices. Learn how we can address these problems the earth-conscious and ecological way.

      Guests are shown how we return to the Earth what we got from the earth. Blueworms turn agricultural waste into fertilizer for our soils.

    • PERMACULTURE – Learn about permanent agriculture and sustainable human settlement design. Experience how this is applied in HEAL.
    • ALTERNATIVE HEALING MODALITIES – Allow nature’s healing capacity to work in you. Learn about herbal medicine and preparation and other alternative modes of healing.
    • CREATION CENTERED SPIRITALITY MODULES – We have developed modules for seminars and retreats on eco-spirituality. (individual private directed retreats and groups retreats of 5- 8 days) They are facilitated upon request and offered several times a year. They are open to all groups; lay and religious.
    • TRAINING FOR FACILITATORS FOR BUILDING ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS  AND  FOR ECO- RETREATS – For those with a solid foundation in the New Story of Creation, HEAL offers yearly a training  for gaining more skills and deepening eco-spirituality. A certificate will be granted upon successful  completion of the training period. Especially geared to formators, spiritual directors, community leaders, pastoral workers, teachers etc. If you feel that you have the necesssary foundation, please ask for more information.
    • VENUE USE – You can use our facilities and conduct your own program except that HEAL staff will give the group an orientation and a tour of the place.

Content and processes of programs are tailored according to the purpose of the requesting participants or groups.

All programs and retreats however, are focused on creation and our role as co-creators, guardians and healers of God’s creation.


6 thoughts on “PROGRAMS & SCHEDULE”

  1. could i ask .. i am a religious brother..if you offered seminars or modular course in line with the eco spiritualty especially this summer.. thank you…

    • Sorry for this late reply. Yes, we do offer ecological seminars and retreats for those who requests, We design the modules/seminars/retreats according to the needs and objectives upon request. Contact us by email, text message or phome call.

  2. Lilit Almendral said:

    i saw lydia castillo’s article about your community last sunday at manila bulletin. i am interested to visit and see you. is there a daily program of activities and time schedules? are there price rates for these and accommodations?

    • Thanks Ms. Lilit. We emailed you HEAL’s Program. Re accommodation, we have single hermitage huts for those coming alone and a native dormitory that can accommodate 40 persons max. Feel free to visit HEAL anytime.

  3. Ernesto K. Evangelista said:

    I might come there by December 2016 with my sister, Lilia. Capulaan is our barrio and never visited for a long long time. I wanted to stay in one of your hermitage huts. Thanks for developing this community. 🙂

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