Glimpses of Friends & Visitors

HEAL frequently receives groups coming for our programs. A variety of people had come: school children(elementary/high school), college students, faculty of schools, NGOs, POs, parish groups, religious groups, contemplatives, other faith groups, as well as balikbayans.

The nationalities that we have hosted are a variety in itself. People coming different countries – Koreans, Burmese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Indians, Africans, Japanese, Fijians, Spanish, Canadians, Americans – added color to our life. It has brought significant challenges and growth to HEAL. There were fun times as we overcome the language barrier, and delicious moments as we get to sample a variety of culinary cooking and cultural entertainments.

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We thank them for sharing their reflections and their time with us. If you want to read their reflections or view their insights, please click here.

1 thought on “Glimpses of Friends & Visitors”

  1. wow!
    I miss HEAL’s community.. see yah next year!
    buhay na po pla ung punla ng mint tsaka marygold pati po ung acapulco seeds na binigay niu.. nabagyo lng po ung punla ng sulasi sugar…hahaha..THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I miss you dear sisters! I love you!

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