Reflections from IFRS Asian Formators group who came to HEAL .. October 11-14, 2015

When we arrived in HEAL Farm
we feel charm…
the freshness of air, the greenness of the trees
the beauty of the flowers, and the sweetness of the fruits, we discover ,
in this farm…

Our tummy hunger for fresh foods
In HEAL farm it was solved
the green leafy vegetables
the red rice that was cooked
the herbal juice from the garden
and the aroma of the naturaal coffee in the morning.
Make us strong and alive while we are learning.

The simple living we experience
challenged us to be like Jesus
to be in communion with all creation.
we should start from now on.

Awake the world, is the cry of the Mother Earth
Because to be connected to all creation is to reconnect to our Creator,
the challenge for us as formators
is to be creative and loveable
that we may be life-giving people,
like our Creator.

The question is “What will you choose?…

is it Life or Death?”.

What we Choose is our Future…DSCN4019