Greetings from HEAL after our first ecological crisis.
Typhoon Lando running a speed of 200 kph lashed its violent and turbulent wind in HEAL for two days. It left a battered HEAL with trees uprooted and falling down – Narra tree, Teakwood, Talisay, Golden shower trees, Acasia tree and Paper tree fell one by one. Among our fruit trees – three Annatto seed trees, Nangka, Guava, Seer suck, Bignay, Aratelis and Avocado tree all went down. Papaya fruits, Cassava, Passion fruit, Star fruits and Macopa fruits were flying askew with their fallen mother tree. Even the pliant bamboo tree was broken from the strong wind of Lando who like a drunken man lashing everything along its course. All those trees have been planted, cared for and have seen them grow in the past ten years. So many typhoons have come in the past yet nothing had been destroyed as this devastation caused by Lando. Net coverings of our staff house, newly constructed additional toilets attached to our training centre and two huts were all ripped off.

You can imagine how painful it is for all us here in HEAL to see the destruction that has taken place. Thank God, with complements from the help of Vrienden, the re-roofing of our Anna Dengel Training Center was spared from damages.

Inspite of what had happened, we believe that the cycle of life has to move on –from death into new life. We brace ourselves and begin again – our staff clearing the debris and planting new seeds again. Soon there will be plants and trees to feast our eyes and nourish us. And this is our HOPE….

We are enclosing some pictures for you to show the sad situation of our community of life.DSCN4464DSCN4468DSCN4473